5 Awesome Examples of Business-Ready DaaS

The term “DaaS” is often synonymous with a “raw desktop in the sky”. But that’s a only like getting a new laptop… just an OS and maybe some antivirus. The rest of the set-up and customization is up to you. Meh.

What lines-of-business really want are “business-ready desktops“, customized, optimized and supported for a company’s industry and specific use cases. In the past I’ve personally blogged about the value providers reap when creating offers targeting specific markets.

As the run-up to Citrix Synergy 2014 flashes by, I’ve had the privilege to work with some Citrix Service Providers who are doing just this – selling business-ready desktops – adding a huge amount of value by taking the Citrix CSP multi-tenant reference architecture and building atop it.

Here are just a few awesome examples of what Citrix Service Providers have in-market today:

Approach Technology – with a singular focus on engineering and construction


Proxios – chasing a number of verticals – in this case a Legal focus of a Patent review system using HDX-3D graphics



Simplified Innovations – specializing in CPAs and Accounting firms.



TekLinks – shown here with a healthcare application for clinical scheduling



Vesk – with a number of offers in-market… including delivery of Citrix HDX-3D technology

Ken Oestreich
Ken is Sr. Director of Product Marketing in Citrix’s Cloud Services group, and spends most of his time helping lead the charge to converge concepts of cloud computing, virtual workspaces, and hosted service providers. You can also find Ken on Twitter as @fountnhead

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