September 5, 2017



Mikazi IT Consulting has been consistent in delivering core, completely customized IT Solutions across a wide spectrum of industries such as, government, healthcare, banking, telecom, insurance, retail and manufacturing.

We are equipped with the right kind of powerhouse to provide your business with IT Services management and consulting services to help stay relevant, flexible, and competitive.

As we would be leveraging the performance and productivity with our unique IT infrastructure solutions, our IT consulting follow an end-to-end approach. We are full on to getting your business ready for its rise. We are totally enabled to fulfill your unified management of infrastructure and applications.


IT Innovation


We are inspired and truly believe that Innovation is the only way to win. This driving force makes us reinvent while we put our Ideas into action.

  • Sited to bargain a assorted collection of products from explorations to specifications through a supply-chain network generating a reciprocated and continuing value proposition.
  • Significance and animate change, creativity, and obligation in accomplishing and enduring a quality work environment through continuous integration.
  • Urge invention and repeatedly seek better, more efficient ways to trace, manuscript, and propagate products.
  • Through innovation, we will remain to find better ways to produce and deliver products, assist customers, market our products, and support the IT industry.
IT Teamwork


We have come united, to shine the ambitions out of your dreams and forecasts. We shine when we you shine.This motto enables us to be the quickest to succeed.

  • To give each and every individual the command to create and segment viewpoints and information promptly.
  • We justify the moralities and beliefs of our fellow associates, allies and community.
  • We consider others with the utmost degree of solemnity, equality and trust, leveraging diversity to meet our mutual goalmouths. As a team, we deliver more than as individuals.
  • We persistently procure fresh knowledge to rally performance and enable growth for the Company and for ourselves.
IT Empowerment


Our empowerment traffic plays a key part in Innovations. We value our work as to make everyone feel like a somebody.

  • Information for Decision Making
  • Exhibit to value fellow associates
  • Share Leadership Vision
  • Delegate Authority and Impact Opportunities, Not Just More Work
  • Solve Problems: we don't Pinpoint Problem People
  • We Share Goals and Direction
  • Trust People
  • Provide Frequent Feedback
IT Integrity


  • We abide by the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action that we take, everywhere, all the time.
  • We eternally hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and principles.
  • We do the right thing, even when no one is observing us.