September 5, 2017


Service we offer

Mikazi IT Consulting is a perfect amalgamation of partnering and consultation. Over a few years we have established a steady and strong framework. Being highly responsive and Flexible, we are here to fulfill the ever innovating  customer demands.

Our emerging technology-driven business models, we ensure business transformations and continuity. Strong IT support systems catered for corporations across all industries. Our Vision is to strive and innovate towards being a crucial part of customer success.

Multi faceted skills combine to make technology-driven business models come to reality.The combo effect of our lean and smart team of management and highly skilled and innovative IT team combination provides us with a unparalleled strategy to block and tackle any challenge.

Among a rainbow of services provided, we are reputed and remembered by our clients for our operational excellence in the service below.

Mobile Application Development


It has become very evident. All businesses are in need of Mobile App. Our perfect blend of expertise, dedication and creativity will make sure to achieve your specific demands and business needs. We create provide highly customized Mobile Applications based on the trending consumer needs and enterprises. Mikazi IT Consulting provide strategic planning & industry’s best product to compete in the market.

Our mobile applications development services extend to both the customer and enterprise utilities. We deliver application development that segregates our clients in the market and enriches productivity.
We provide multi-platform capabilities (iOS, Android, Windows) for development, commercial and reusable progressions. Our pooled service approach provides our clients with top practices in application development at lower cost.

We use a unified approach and methodology to develop mobile applications, and a extensive series of tools, processes and assets to industrialize and accelerate application delivery. Our capabilities include experienced design, testing and maintenance, enterprise mobility management, to address today's prerequisite for quickness and scalability in mobile app development.

Application Development


Capitalizing on the retail arena is very crucial for our clients. Also to embrace and manage implementation challenges. We maintain our spot, staying ahead of retail practices to enable capabilities in the areas of Omni-channel & Channel-less strategies, Integration of systems, completely automated distribution centers and strategic delivery. We can handle complete lifecycle of customer care, so smart retailers can manage their resources efficiently and reduce operational costs.

Telecom Services


Strategic priority for communications service providers has shifted dramatically, which means having an average performance is no longer good enough. To be successful and in order to meet demands, maintain QoS, and offer new services, telecom companies have to invest in transformation. From our end you can gain real-time access to technical experts through the Network Operating Center(NOC).Also, you can Optimize operational costs through multiple service integrations.

Quality Assurance and E2E Testing


We Mikazi Global Inc. evaluate people on their quality level skill sets and that which divulges training and certifications. We as a service based organization; assist to provide "perfect" service to our customers.

Our foremost intention of Quality Assurance is to check whether the products meet the specifications and requirements of our customer. If an issue or delinquent is acknowledged, we make sure its fixed before delivery to the consumer.

It is ‘certainty’ of a product or a service. We give guarantee that the product will work without any complications and its as per the expectations or requirements.

How we achieve it? E2E testing, Automation and Continuous Integration is our key motto

  1. Improve the quality of client specifications, through QA protocols and analyses of specifications at critical stages of the product development.
  2. Endorse comprehensive deployment and accurate implementation of these specifications through instructions, seminars and validation services.
  3. Communicate the value of test suites and benefit functioning units to produce quality test suites.
  4. Enterprise successful processes that, if followed, will facilitate teams to achieve their objectives
Product Support Service


Ever expanding customer base and and fast changing technology, and increasing costs of operation are the few of the major challenges organizations are facing. In this scenario our customers will pay attention towards improvising and innovating their support processes for acquisitions and retention. Mikazi IT Consultants helps its customers to be ahead of the game through our cutting edge support system to resolve problems swiftly.

Application Development


Our practice has been to expertise in Application Development services that cover all major life cycle of software Development. We help our customers by delivering complex applications and also revolutionary custom made integration which is our main area of focus.

Mikazi Application Development Services provide upbeat and smooth integration of your custom made applications with third party solutions and platforms. The business goals of your organization will be well aligned with the custom applications.

Our experienced and dedicated team are excelled and centered mainly on Microsoft®, Java/Open Source, mobile applications and other technologies such as PowerBuilder, Mainframe and ColdFusion.


Information technology support services


Our IT support Services are in place to provide unwavering services to end-users across various locations for your business. We provide a standard process for your end-user environment. Our support services include OS management, office automation applications, business applications, desktop management,IT technical support services troubleshooting LAN issues. We can help you access a high level of expertise.

Professional system integration services


Mikazi IT Consultancy thoroughly understands the complex nature of the IT environment. We propel our system integration talent to make sure that the technology is in line with your business objectives irrespective to the size and nature of your organization. Our integration services include consultancy, project management and system integration of IT services. We provide enterprise systems integration, business continuity, contact center infrastructure, data centers, disaster recovery services, enterprise management, network integration, platform integration and retail infrastructure.

Infrastructure Management Services


Our enabled portfolio of service offerings cover the whole infrastructure life-cycle. Also includes Infra Consulting, end user computing, enterprise security, transformation services and IT infrastructure operation management. We at Mikazi IT Consultancy, provide Top class IT Infrastructure Management and IT Consulting with the vigor reduce TCO, improving performance, to meet your evolving business needs.

Offshore Services


Customization is the best solution. We remain responsible for implementation and deployment, help reduce risk, while enhance opportunities. We have the apt IT talent that is hard to find locally. We always propose an efficient, reliable offshore model. Mikazi IT Consulting Offshore Services includes Application services such as Development, maintenance and upgrading, Testing services and Mobile development. We also have enabled resources of Web development teams, SEO developers, Mobile Applications, Software and many more programmers. We are among the best resource in the industry, who are able to use all kind of tools which will give more life to your Business objectives.